Hunting Safety Rules

Hunting safety rules

Hunting is a fascinating and exciting activity, but at the same time, when going hunting, you need to remember that it is a dangerous business, especially if you are going to hunt a predator or ungulate. A wounded animal poses a serious threat to the hunter, and you need to know well the habits of the animal in order not to make a fatal mistake.

It happens that the danger overtakes unexpectedly and an experienced hunter, but most often the cause of the accident is non-observance of elementary safety rules when handling weapons, violation of “chain of command” (for example, when shooters leave the rooms without permission, without the permission of the head) and other similar actions … In this chapter, of course, we will not be able to give a complete overview of this topic, but will try to dwell on the basic rules.

First, a few words about weapons. It is usually transported unassembled. It is strictly forbidden to store and hand over a loaded gun to anyone. If the weapon is transported in an assembled state, the hunter must show the comrades that it is not loaded before getting into the car. _ When hunting, when crossing difficult areas, crossing a stream, etc., the gun is hung on the shoulder.
When hunters walk along the trail in single file, the first and last hunters direct their guns, respectively, forward and backward, going inside the chain – to the side.

Roundabout hunting involves knowing a whole list of rules that are mandatory for all participants, both for shooters and for beaters, but the main thing is that they all must obey the head of the hunt unquestioningly. Here are some of the rules. The shooters are not allowed to leave their rooms without permission, nor to move from them; during shooting, you need to clearly imagine the shooting sector (its border should be at an angle of no more than 45 degrees to both sides of the shooter) and not point the weapon towards the adjacent number. When the beaters get close enough, shooting inside the pen stops; in different natural conditions, this distance is determined in different ways. These are just short excerpts from the rules, those who decided to take part in the raid need to know the complete list by heart and strictly adhere to them.

When hunting with a dog, make sure that when jumping on the owner, he does not press the trigger with his paw. Unfortunately, there have been such cases on the hunt. In the boat, you also need to keep an eye on the gun, positioning it so that the barrel faces away from other hunters. You can shoot at a water bird only when it rises from the water at a distance of at least 3-4 meters, and when hunting a wild boar from the approach, in no case should you shoot from your knee, only from the shoulder, since the shot will not be directed into the ground , but into a bowl where another hunter may be.

When resting, never put your gun close to the fire; the distance from open fire should be at least 10 m. In general, the correct handling of weapons is a serious and extensive topic, which it is advisable to familiarize yourself with even before purchasing a hunting rifle.