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Animal Habits of the Open Landscape

In the flat areas of the Arctic desert and tundra, the steppe zone and deserts, all predatory animals have developed an instinct to visit and examine objects that stand out against the background of a monotonous flat landscape. While scouring the fields and meadows, the white polecat and the ermine must be wrapped up and… Read More »

About Shotgun Shooting

Here are some tips to watch out for when shooting a rifle. With frequent shooting, when the barrel is warmed up, the charges fly higher, because the powder gases become more elastic. If the light is from behind, which happens at sunset or sunrise, then the front sight should be taken larger, since the light… Read More »

Hunting Kitchen

Hunting cuisine consists of dishes made from meat products of wild birds and animals. The art of game cooking is rooted in the past of mankind and is an obligatory festive attribute of the process of cultural hunting! The hunting fauna of our country is diverse. Its vast expanses are inhabited by waterfowl, marsh, upland,… Read More »

Hunting Safety Rules

Hunting is a fascinating and exciting activity, but at the same time, when going hunting, you need to remember that it is a dangerous business, especially if you are going to hunt a predator or ungulate. A wounded animal poses a serious threat to the hunter, and you need to know well the habits of… Read More »

Advice From Experienced Hunters: Living Fire

No matter how sophisticated modern northern travelers, sleeping in special insulated tents, climbing into sleeping bags made of eider down or ultra-modern insulating materials, they can get heat only from themselves, from their body, from the amount of calories that the body absorbed from food instead of spent on a difficult transition. No wonder for… Read More »

Hog Hunting 101

I love hunting hogs and hogsare something that must be hunted. In the South, hogs are a real problem. I say there’s two different kinds of places: there’s places that have hogs and places that will soon have hogs because hogs are just moving so much. What the deal is about hogs is 50 years… Read More »

How to Clean Shotgun Remington

Today I get the chance to expound on one of my most loved and probably the best gun that I can consider. Well to be increasingly explicit I will illuminate any individual who has to realize how to dismantle, clean, and reassemble an American pearl that is the Remington 870 shotgun.

America is Unique in the Field of Hunting

The wildlife conservation system, science-based wildlife management and support mechanisms in the United States are unparalleled in the world. The United States of America is a country with an area of ​​9.5 million square kilometers, home to 325 million people. The United States has a federal form of structure and is administratively divided into 50… Read More »