About Shotgun Shooting

By | August 7, 2020

Here are some tips to watch out for when shooting a rifle.

  1. With frequent shooting, when the barrel is warmed up, the charges fly higher, because the powder gases become more elastic.
  2. If the light is from behind, which happens at sunset or sunrise, then the front sight should be taken larger, since the light beam is refracted by the front sight, which seems to be higher than it actually is.
  3. In dry weather, the bullet flies higher, in wet and cold weather – lower.
  4. If you shoot steeply uphill, you need to pick up (take below the target) significantly, looking at the battle of the shotgun, otherwise the shot will have to be higher than the target.
  5. If you shoot steeply downhill, you need to take exactly the place you want to hit or slightly higher, depending on the strength of the shotgun. Otherwise, the bullet will hit below the target.
  6.  When shooting at a running animal, you need to pull the trigger as soon as the front sight touches the front of the animal’s body (the animal runs away from you at an angle of 90 degrees.) At a considerable distance to the animal, make a 1-3 body lead ahead. The lead changes depending on the target’s speed.
  7. At the beast that is running away from you, you need to aim at the head or slightly higher.
  8. At the beast that runs at you, you need to aim at the level of the legs.
  9. If the sun shines strongly from the side and sharply illuminates one side of the front sight, so that the other side appears dark, you need to aim with the light side.
  10. If you have to shoot late in the evening or early in the morning, when the blackness of the barrel is difficult to distinguish from the general darkness, you should take it below the target. The line of sight should be taken along the length of the darkening barrel.
  11. You can check which eye is the command one and which is not, as follows: throw the shotgun at a distant stationary target, without squinting your left eye. Now close your left eye: if the front sight remains in place, the command right eye. If she went to the side – the command left.
  12. To noticeably increase the number of hits on the hunt, at home you need to train like this: stand so that the target is on your left or right. Throw the shotgun onto it with a turn of the body. Check the aiming of the shotgun. 20-30 daily sessions, and the result will not be long in coming. Complicate tasks by mixing goals.